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“Grazie a Maria Laura che è una delle poche interpreti che non canta solo le note ma anche e soprattutto le parole. Un particolare apprezzamento per la sobrietà e la finezza degli arrangiamenti”.

Sandro Luporini



Testi e Musiche / Textes et Musiques / Lyrics and Music

Giorgio Gaber e Sandro Luporini


Régis Huby Arrangiamenti – Arrangements

Maria Laura Baccarini – Voice

Régis Huby – Electroacoustic Tenor Violin, Electric Violin, Acoustic Violin & Effects


Recorded and Mixed by Sylvain Thévenard (France / January-July 2015)

Mastering at Galaxy Studios by Marwan Danoun (Belgium / October 2015)

Cover Photo (Facing) by Brian Siskind

Cover Photo (Inside) by …

Photos booklet by Maud Subert

Translation by Gérard Auburgan

Artwork by Antebellum

Avec l’aimable autorisation de Warner Chapell et de Editori Curci



Jeff Humbert




  1. Il dilemma (6:36)
  2. Cerco un gesto naturale (4:48)
  3. Guardatemi bene (4:54)
  4. L’illogica allegria (4:07)
  5. L’Uomo muore (7:40)
  6. Il luogo del pensiero (4:00)
  7. L’impotenza (4:48)
  8. La massa (4:43)
  9. Polli d’allevamento (3:40)
  10. Non insegnate ai bambini (5:16)
  11. Mi fa male il mondo (6:56)
  12. Verso il terzo millennio (4:01)
  13. Io e le cose (4:50)


Fotoograaf Sven Tupits (, all rights reserved, creative commons

Fotoograaf Sven Tupits (, all rights reserved, creative commons

“I have a very personal and intense relationship with the texts and songs of Giorgio Gaber and his co-author Sandro Luporini.

The project  « GABER, IO E LE COSE » has existed for quite a while. These songs have given me a chance to grow as a human being and never stop surprising me.

 Régis Huby interprets this transformation of my life, a fragile heart, the questions, the answers, the non-answers that leave us in mid air and suddenly throw us to the ground. He creates the perfect sound … so personal, rich, sophisticated, and very respectful of the meaning of each word. He uses two violins: electric and tenor, with loopers and effects. 

 Giorgio Gaber died in 2003. No one has replaced him yet.

He was an « intellectual » who used poetic language, with an irresistible sense of humor, and an incredibly passionate human heart.

He left us an extensive repertoire : a life’s work devoted to a sincere analysis of Italian society, politics and human nature. He focused his work on « the human being » sometimes mercilessly, sometimes with melancholic tenderness, sarcasm, hope and desperate love … always seeing a light at the end of the tunnel despite everything.”

 Maria Laura Baccarini

« Gaber, io e le cose » is a human being searching for answers :


Why are a man and a woman, so profoundly different, meant to be together? Human beings created « marriage ». Is it a natural thing? All those efforts to stay together, to keep the promises they made … what if …

And love dies, like an ordinary thing.


Who am I? Am I able to be what I really am when I relate to others? Or am I just putting on an act, presenting myself the way I want to be seen, and forgetting who I really am? “I am searching for « the natural gesture », to be sure that this body is mine … searching for this natural gesture… finally finding my true self …”


Here we see a young man, screaming, complaining, despising everything and everybody … a young man who tries to get our attention by insulting us, but who has no solution to propose. This young man is the result of what we’ve built, the perfect heir to our mess. This young man is us.


But there are some moments when we suddenly feel at peace…a beautiful sunrise alone on a highway, and all of a sudden I am happy … for no special reason, just the light from a beautiful sky, the silence, the here and now.

Life’s beauties are so simple.


Now we have a scene that’s like a Fellini movie: with a crazy Italian director who screams at the extras, a camera-man filming an exceptional ritual : « the death of the HUMAN BEING » .

A little old man tries to save him, he tries to rebuild him, to put all those old, burned little pieces together like a puzzle. But maybe death is not that bad. Maybe we have to die to be reborn and build something « really » new and healthy. We need to get rid of old values, old mechanisms, old mistakes, starting from ground zero to become something else. Death could be a good thing after all.


There is a place … a place where the « Thought » can be. That place is inside us, it is our pureness… a place with no compromises, where beautiful minds can grow. It is possible. Our potential lies in an open heart.


Here we see a woman fighting with her desire to be a mother, with the intellectual dream of having a child, which doesn’t include all the practical aspects and on the other hand with her need to be independent and accomplished. She asks herself why? Why can’t she have everything? The impossible choice… the sadness of the impossible answer… ( Il caso di Alessandro e Maria ).


Then we have the song « L’Impotenza », the impotence of the « real act of love », and I’m not talking about the « love » we could make … but love …


The Mass … humans have lost their identities and they become dots, numbers, little parts of a Mass. They feel protected, they have stopped thinking, they’ve been assimilated by a huge machine which destroys them. They become mute, deaf, unable to be …

10) POLLI D’ALLEVAMENTO addresses the same problem but not in the abstract way of « La Massa ». It is instead an analysis of human behavior in everyday life from very close up.


is like a testament. This is a song Gaber wrote at the end of his life. He was never able to sing it on stage. He tells us not to teach our children our mistakes, our false awareness and values, our social illusions and misguided dreams. He tells us to open their eyes to the magic of life, to an ancient hope.

12 ) MI FA MALE IL MONDO  is a long monologue

A portrait of a man’s anxieties. A tiny man who’s attacked by the big monsters of our times: economics, politics, corruption, manipulation. After a « crescendo » of attack, he finds the answer …the way out, collectivity, awareness. « One man screaming all alone is a fool…  thousands of men screaming all together could really change the world ».


we are having a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in anything anymore. The picture given us is so real and so hopeless…but hope is there, it is part of our nature. Life goes on, it’s not over.


After all of this, what do I know? I know nothing … The only thing I know is that everything in the air and in the light is meant to be happy. I don’t know if what I see is real… I don’t even know for sure if I am real.

After all, the Universe doesn’t care about people or nations. The Universe only knows that without two separate bodies and two separate minds joined together, there is no future.