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John Smith (Mario Rossi) is your ordinary London (Rome)cab driver. He owns his own car, sets his own hours, is hard working, punctual and lives a very ordinary life…with the exception of his two wives, Mary (Alice) and Barbara. One night John (Mario) stops an old women from getting mugged and gets knocked unconscious. After being checked over at the hospital, he is taken to his home with Mary (Alice) by a local police officer, Detective Troughton (Ispettore Perazzoli). However, that morning, he supposed to be with at his home with Barbara. After realizing his predicament, John (Mario) tries to get home to Barbara while keeping both his first wife Mary (Alice) and Detective Troughton (Ispettore Perazzoli) from finding out about his second wife. Enlisting the help of his upstairs slacker neighbour, Stanley Gardener (Walter Fattore), John (Mario) heaps one lie upon another to get back to Barbara and back on his very precise schedule. All appears to be well until another police officer, Detective Porterhouse (Brigadiere Ferroni), arrives from a neighbouring district investigating the case of two cab drivers named John Smith (Mario Rossi), both mugged on the same night but having different addresses. Quick thinking Stanley (Walter) exaggerates several more lies to create a new John Smith (Mario Rossi) for Detective Porterhouse (Brigadiere Ferroni), while keeping the truth from Mary (Alice). As the lies pile up and craziness ensues, Stanley (Walter) and John (Mario) try valiantly to keep the nosy detectives busy, John’s (Mario’s) suspicious wives from running into each other, their sex lives straight and all of their stories together. In the grand tradition of English Farce, “Run for Your Wife” is a fast paced, slapstick, laugh a minute romp that will leave in stitches and begging for more.

TAXI A DUE PIAZZE (Italian edition for “Run for your Wife”) opened at the 34∞ Festival di Borgio Verezzi, on August,4 2000 and ran successfully all around Italy for two years (305 performances).

Alice Rossi   Maria Laura Baccarini
Barbara Rossi   Corinne Bonuglia
Mario Rossi   Gianluca Guidi
Ispettore Perazzoli   Christian Ginepro
Valter Fattore   Massimiliano Giovanetti
Brigadiere Ferroni   Gianni Fenzi
Bobby Franchetti   Stefano Bontempi